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Cerro Chamán Observatory

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Cerro Chamán Observatory
The Cerro Chamán Observatory sits atop Cerro Chamán at Viña Santa Cruz, at 256 meters above sea level. This location has excellent atmospheric conditions, with low humidity and an absence of artificial light, which allows visitors to see objects with great precision and clarity.
To arrive at the summit, we have a cableway to take up to 8 persons, who will also be able to visit the “Indigenous Villages” recreated there, with replicas of homes of the principal original cultures of our country.

Astronomical Tour: 18:30 pm.
Solar Astronomical Tour: 16:00 pm
The astronomical tour will be enabled from Wednesday to Saturday.

Information & Reservations: or phone (072) 354920

  • Observatorio Cerro Chamán
  • Observatorio Cerro Chamán

Celestial Events


06-New Moon (Not visible)
13- First Quarter (at sunset)
15- Jupiter at 2°N of the Moon
21- Full Moon
22- Mars in middle of the sky
23-Saturn reigning with its rings sharply inclined
29- Third Quarter (at sunrise)


04- New Moon (Not visible)
04- Earth at its maximum distance from the Sun: 152,103,776 km.
09- Jupiter at 0.9°N of the Moon
12- Moon ate First Quarter (at sunset)
14- Saturn at maximum inclination of its rings
16- Mercury at 0.6°N of Venus (sunset)
19- Full Moon
23- Moon at Third Quarter(at sunrise)


03- Saturn in middle of the sky (Opposition) at 12:00 a.m.
05- New Moon (Not visible)
11- Jupiter at 1,5°N of the Moon
12- Moon at Third Quarter
20- Full Moon
20- Southern Winter Solstice (Wetripantú)-Mapuche New Year at 7:34 p.m..
27- Moon at Third Quarter (at sunrise)


02- New Moon (Not visible)
04- Venus 3°N of the Moon (at 03:00 a.m., as in many flags in the Middle East)
04- Mercury at 0.6°N of the Moon.
06- Jupiter at 0.2°N of the Moon
08- Saturn very visible (last visible week)
10- Moon at Third Quarter (at sunset)
16- Mercury at its maximum elevation of the Sun (27°) after sundown
18- Full Moon
19- Neptune at 1.8°S of the Moon
25- Moon at Third Quarter (at sunriser)
27- Venus at 0.1°N of Jupiter (sunset)

Astronomical Tour: 06:30 pm.

Solar Astronomical Tour: 04:00 pm

The astronomical tour is available from Wednesday to Saturday.

Information & Reservations: or phone (072) 354920

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