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Los Varietales Restaurant

This delicious restaurant, Los Varietales of Hotel Santa Cruz, has been awarded and recognized by journalists and food critics as one of the best restaurants of traditional food in the country.
Our restaurant combines character and distinction in a pleasant environment. Its menu highlights the most representative recipes and ingredients of Chilean cuisine: a gastronomic tour from north to south with the best of our land and sea.
The restaurant’s offerings are based on Chilean products and flavors that are brought to life with delicious preparations that remind us of the flavors and aromas of our Creole cuisine.
The renewed menu, made by chef Jonathan Elitin, contains national products sourced primarily from Colchagua Valley, such as quinoa from Paredones, Olive Oil from Lolol, salt from Cahuil, cheeses from Peralillo, and wines and spirits of the valley. It has 43 delicious dishes from entrees, main courses to desserts, each one a Chilean specialty with a touch of international cuisine.

  • Restaurant Varietales
  • Restaurant Varietales

The restaurant features a large and bright central room, thanks to a stunning stained glass window that provides life and light; plus private rooms for those who want to celebrate a special occasion.
During the week in Los Varietales, you can choose from the menu and on weekend you can opt for the complete and delicious "Criollo Buffet,” accompanied by grilled meats prepared in our outdoor barbecue, overlooking the hotel pool.

Plaza de Armas 286, Santa Cruz, Valle de Colchagua.

Phone: (056-72) 209 600

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