Hotel Santa Cruz - Santa Cruz, Chile

Sustainable Hotel Santa Cruz

Through our Sustainability Policy, Hotel Santa Cruz seeks to minimize the environmental impact of its operations and services, and promotes Sustainable Tourism by incorporating good environmental, social and labor practices, which are also communicated to our guests.

1. We have a Water and Energy Savings Plan:
• We utilize solar panels to save energy and thus minimize the impact on the environment.
• Each room is equipped with an automatic energy cut-off, which is controlled by each room’s key card.
• Common areas have LED or low-consumption illumination.
• The hotel rooms also have 50% LED illumination.
• Bathrooms are equipped with differentiated flush buttons to reduce water use.
• The rooms have a towel and sheet recycling program to minimize water use.
• Washing machines used by the Hotel have the Ozono system, which reduces water use.
• We constantly train our staff in order to provide them with the tools they need for proper energy and water management.

2. We have a Solid Waste Recycling Program, which allows us to minimize the generation of solid waste and to carry out responsible management of this kind of waste:
• We separate recyclable waste at its origin, both in rooms and in productive areas.
• We have a recyclable waste storage area in compliance with regulation, for temporary storage of this waste prior to its final, authorized collection and disposal.
• We have Recycling Stations at strategic places in the Hotel, which allow passengers to separate waste for proper recycling.
• We constantly train our staff in order to provide them with the tools they need for proper waste management.
• We take care to store recyclable products by type and to responsibly manage their removal, thus minimizing their accumulation and carrying out responsible waste management.
• We recycle used vegetable oil and dispose of it properly.
• We promote Sustainable Tourism through the Code for the Responsible Tourist (SERNATUR)


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