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Colchagua Museum

Located just steps away, a visit to this museum is a journey to our origins, from the beginning of life 400 million years ago, to modern twentieth century. Tour the Paleontological Amber collection, one of the most comprehensive in the world, as well as the Pre-Columbian, Conquest, Colonial, West and Modernity exhibits, and many other surprises you will find in this unforgettable museum.

  • Museo de Colchagua
  • Museo Colchagua
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“The Great Rescue” Pavilion

  • Pabellón de Los Mineros

This walk-through exhibit is dedicated to the feat of saving 33 miners who were trapped for two months in the San Jose mine in 2010, which captivated the entire world.
In this pavilion you can find important pieces that tell the stories of the moments lived in Camp Esperanza, the rescue plans, the searches with probes, the communication efforts, the three plans drawn up to remove the 33 from the depths of the mine, the modern technology employed and the impact that the event had upon world sensitivities.
You may remember that 1.3 billion viewers around the world watched on in anxious anticipation of the happy ending that took place on October 13, 2010.

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