5 reasons to enjoy New Year's Eve in the Colchagua Valley

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to enjoy a Colchagua Valley Vacation. Most of what makes Chile such a remarkable touristic destination can be found in the Colchagua. If you are thinking about trying it, here are five reasons to help you make up your mind.


1. The best wines
Wine is the whole reason this area is known for. For years, wine harvest has been the driving force behind Colchagua's local economy. The top wineries along the region are owned by different people, and any place can guarantee a well-balanced, soft-tasting wine. This is possible thanks to a combination of favorable climatic conditions and the very particular grape harvest methods followed.

2. A fine weather
It comes with the package. The weather is an essential part of any winemaking area, so it follows that it must be a nice place to walk around. Just picture a soft morning breeze, or a nice warm evening, making for a nice stroll around the small town wearing light and comfortable clothing.

3. Great local food
The region has restaurants and inns with the best of local cuisine as well as international dishes for every taste. Whether you love seafood, first-class meat, homemade casserole or delicious desserts, you will find this and much more along the way. So go ahead and schedule your own food route.


4. The cultural Colchagua
First, there is the Museum of Colchagua, whose collection of art includes over 7,000 historical and archeological pieces. Next is the Auto Museum, a unique place that exhibits 100 cars from different eras. And there is also the Santa Cruz Church, a place built in 1879 that welcomes both locals and devoted tourists looking for a peaceful experience while visiting the valley.

5. A private group tour
Touring around the vineyards on the back of a purebred horse must be an unforgettable experience. So look for the private tour companies that will make you enjoy the best of your evenings under the sun. However, if you are looking for a stronger experience, you should definitely join any of the mountain climbing tours available. From the top of the valley you will witness the breathtaking beauty of the place.

A Colchagua Valley Vacation is the good time to relax and forget about your daily concerns. There is no better way to welcome the New Year than enjoying great wine, food and friends, so don’t hesitate for a second and start packing!