There are few things Chilean people feel prouder of than their wines. Wine regions are a must when visiting the country, being a defining aspect of its culture. The Colchagua Valley stands just a 2-hour drive away from Santiago, the capital city, and it has a renowned tradition within the winemaking industry. Here are 5 reasons for you to add it to your schedule.

1. Wonderful wineries
The wineries of the Colchagua Valley boast a long-standing tradition in their trade. Casa Silva has worked on its Cool Coast Sauvignon Blanc velvety smooth finish since 1892. On the other hand, Santa Cruz is a winery opened in 2004 and it is best known for its great tasting, modern and ecologically sustainable wine production.

2. Celebrate Chilean culture
Chilean culture is for all tastes! And its traditional food serves all kind of dishes. Olive oil, fruits and vegetables of the highest quality can be found in Colchagua Valley. Fresh seafood is also available due to the valley's proximity to the ocean. Chilean culture celebrates wine and food together, so for each exquisite dish there's a broad selection of excellent varieties, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Carménère, Malbec, and Syrah, to name but a few.

3. Beautiful landscape
The Colchagua Valley is known worldwide for its beautiful vineyards and warm, dry weather. Colchagua Valley begins at the foot of the Andes and extends to the west, up to the Pacific Ocean. If you enjoy watching a sunrise or a sunset, walking along a river or around a lake, being in harmony with nature and outdoor activities like fishing, horseback riding, rafting, and trekking, then the Colchagua Valley is the place for you. This breathtaking landscape delights international travelers from all over the map, all year long.

4. Architecture: a mix of styles
Since the Colchagua Valley is near Santiago, you can find very pretty and cozy European style villages, Colonial style wineries and modern facilities that have been constructed with wine tourism in mind. The town of Santa Cruz has a very well preserved colonial architecture, some good hotels and a picturesque town square: Plaza de Armas. The city's most famous tourist attractions are located there, including the historic Santa Cruz Church, Santa Cruz Hotel, Carillon Clock, the Museum of Colchagua, the Casino of Colchagua, and the Wine Train vineyard tour.

5. The Harvest Festival
The Harvest Festival of Colchagua attracts thousands of tourists, from discerning noses to everyday wine drinkers. This festival takes place for three straight days in March and it is an exhibition of Chilean traditions and cultural heritage. During the festival, the wineries of the Colchagua Valley invite visitors to participate in a range of different winemaking activities. Tourists can also enjoy the local cuisine, handicrafts, traditional games, tours of wine cellars, and the traditional contest to be Harvest Queen.