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Something for everyone in the heart of Colchagua

Being the production and wine tourism its strongest point, the Colchagua Valley is an area that has much more to offer to the hundreds of tourists who, year after year, come to this area of ​​Chile. In that sense, the Hotel Santa Cruz has an offer able to satisfy the interests of all visitors, and then we tell you why.

Chile has wonderful places and, best of all, very close to Santiago. In that sense, the Colchagua Valley -one of the most beautiful and warm sectors of the downtown area- has an offer of panoramas capable of satisfying all tastes. We are talking about the sector with the greatest viticultural tradition in the country, one that is adorned by first class gastronomy and really moving landscapes. But there is more.

In view of the above, the Santa Cruz Hotel is one of the must-see points for tourists looking for panoramas in Colchagua, offering activities for all tastes, such as:

One of the things that tourists seek the most - in addition to knowing the surroundings and traditions - is rest and relaxation, and the Colchagua Valley is an ideal area to disconnect from the mundane noise and stress of everyday life.

In that sense, one of the Colchagua panoramas ideal for relaxation is the Inka Spa , a place where you can enjoy relaxing, therapeutic, four-hand or hot stone massages, as well as body treatments such as exfoliation or hydrotherapies, among others.

Along with the above, the Inka Spa offers steam baths, dry sauna, swimming pool (tempered and outdoor) and gymnasium, being the perfect alternative for those looking for a total disconnection.

Do you like wine?
Being the most representative area of ​​the Chilean viticultural tradition, how can you not enjoy its varieties? So, if you are a wine lover, during your visit to the Colchagua Valley you can not miss the Bar Chamán , a place that gathers the best vines of the sector, as well as having a varied menu of drinks prepared with artisanal ingredients.

This place is ideal to spend an evening with the couple or friends because, in addition to having some of the best wines in Chile, Bar Chamán offers an extensive menu of stone pizzas, made with local ingredients, making this one of the best panoramas in Colchagua.

Children also have their space
For you to enjoy peacefully all the Colchagua panoramas, Hotel Santa Cruz offers its visitors My Almacruz, a specially developed space for the little ones of the home to have fun in a healthy and educational way . This is because the place teaches children a love of nature, through activities and games related to recycling, painting, crafts, cooking classes and many others, all in the company of certified nursery schools. Undoubtedly, something that our visitors appreciate, because it allows them to enjoy the Colchagua Valley to the fullest, with the certainty that their children are in safe hands.

The above are just some of the best panoramas in Colchagua, but there are many more. The best thing is that everyone is at the Hotel Santa Cruz , so that your stay in the area is truly unforgettable and just worry about living the experience to the fullest.