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5 Safety pins in the Colchagua Valley

Approximately 150 kilometers from Santiago is one of the iconic spots of the beautiful O'Higgins Region: the Colchagua Valley. Recognized for its winemaking activity, the variety of panoramas here is extremely diverse, and so that in your visit to the area you know what to do and where to go, in the following paragraphs we show you the 5 best panoramas that this beautiful place offers. Are you organizing your visit to the vineyards of the Colchagua Valley or do you intend to come soon? Then you can not stop reviewing the following list with the best panoramas in the area:

1. Tour the vineyards by bicycle
If what you are looking for is a close and different experience when visiting a vineyard, the bike rides offered by Viña Santa Cruz are a unique panorama, which promotes the knowledge of the vines of the area, enjoying its diverse colors and foliage. Ideal to complement with a wine tasting, achieving an immersion in the noble process of its production. The departures are daily and the tour lasts approximately two hours.

2. Automotive Museum
Another must-see during your visit to the Colchagua Valley is the Automobile Museum. Located inside the same vineyard, here you can see specimens dating from 1890 onwards, making a historical review of one of the greatest inventions of man, through real pieces of collection.

3. Astrotourism
An open and clean sky, coupled with low light pollution, make the Colchagua Valley an ideal place for astronomical observation. Here, the obligatory reference is Viña Santa Cruz, which offers its visitors the possibility of appreciating in detail the astral map of the place.

After boarding a cable car, the visitors arrive to the Chamán hill, where they will be able to appreciate the magnitude of the constellations and celestial bodies through an observatory that bears the same name of this hill.

4. Delight the palate
Having some of the best wines in Chile, how can you not accompany the experience with first class cuisine? The Colchagua Valley, famous for its fertile soils, has a worthy gastronomic offer and an excellent example of this is Restaurant Los Varietales.
Located inside the Hotel Santa Cruz, this Restaurant has been awarded by critics as one of the best exponents of Creole cuisine. In his letter it is possible to travel the country from north to south, through the preparations and flavors of each region, with ingredients such as olive oil from Lolol, the famous Peralillo cheeses and quinoa from Paredones.

5. Body and soul in harmony
What could be better than finishing a long day touring the vineyards of the Colchagua Valley in a relaxing spa? The Inka Spa is the perfect place to kick off stress and dedicate time to inner peace. You can take steam baths, hot stone massages, alternative therapies and dry sauna, among many other options.
As you can see, the vineyards of the Colchagua Valley have great panoramas for all tastes, which you can enjoy to the fullest by staying at the epicenter of the place, to celebrate the wonders of this beautiful corner of Chile.