The best museums to visit near Santa Cruz

The sixth region of Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins is located in the central zone of Chile, a fertile land where the best wines of the country are born and where the customs and traditions of the countryside are more alive than ever.

This region, baptized in honor of the father of the country Bernardo O'Higgins, has interesting heritage sites that rescue the most important of our culture and history. Here we present the best Sixth Region museums to visit in the Santa Cruz area.

Colchagua Museum

In the commune of Santa Cruz is located this unmissable museum that exhibits the main private collection of the country (of the Cardoen Foundation), with more than 5 thousand historical pieces. Located steps from the Hotel Santa Cruz, this center has rooms dedicated to fossils, archeology, pre-Columbian arts, jewelry from the Andes, winemaking and several dedicated to different stages of the history of Chile and its traditions.

In addition, the museum has a pavilion dedicated to the feat with which in 2010 saved 33 miners from the San José Mine, in Copiapó. "The Great Rescue" is called this room that preserves important testimonial pieces of the Esperanza camp, the rescue plan, the technologies used and the impact and sensitivity that caused the event worldwide.

Automobile Museum

It is one of the most amazing places in the region because it shows the evolution of the automotive industry and its link with the country. Belonging also to the Cardoen Foundation, this museum exhibits a collection that has more than 50 cars and motorcycles of different ages and types. Among the outstanding historical gems is the car that Queen Isabel II used in her visit to Chile in 1968. Just 30 minutes from Santa Cruz, on the way to Lolol.

Craft Museum

Located 30 km. of Santa Cruz, in the town of Lolol, this center houses the most important collection of national crafts. The museum, located in a typical area that stands out for its heritage and historical value, exhibits pieces of handicrafts from all over Chile and from different ethnic groups throughout the country.

San José del Carmen Museum in El Huique

Located to the west of San Fernando, in the province of Colchagua, this museum is a window to the past, which allows to preserve and spread the customs and traditions that sustain our culture.

In it you can find all kinds of long-standing objects, such as Chilean handicrafts, Mapuche jewels, works of art and historical objects from the locality and Chile, in an exhibition that seeks to rescue and protect the main aspects of our national identity.

Historical Museum of Vichuquén

If you want to explore the surroundings of Santa Cruz, about two hours to the south, in the Maule Region, you will find the Vichuquén district. In this land of sorcerers, declared a typical Zone in 1991 for its more than 400 years of history, this museum is located that exhibits, among other things, innumerable pieces related to the Inca Empire, which dominated this area before the arrival of the Spanish .