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The best banquet for your event is at Hotel Santa Cruz

We will put at your disposal the necessary advice on banquets to make your events a great success, enjoying the excellent gastronomy that we have specially prepared to please you and with a service dedicated to your requirements.

With the most advanced technology in the area

Our rooms have all the audiovisual equipment and technology for the smooth running of your event.
  • Amplification
  • Backdrop 1.80 * 2.40
  • Data Show 12500
  • Pass Slide
  • Extra flipchart or whiteboard, Notebook, Video Conferencing System (SONY Codec w / operator)
  • Plasma Monitor 42 '
  • Simultaneous Interpretation System (control unit 1 booth, 1 technician and 50 receivers)
  • Audio recording (Includes digital record and delivery of revised material)
  • Digital Video Recording (includes mini DV, 1 mini DV tape)

Plan an event with us

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